Oil and Gas Construction

Oil and gas construction is the process of building the infrastructure and facilities necessary in the oil and gas industry. It encompasses everything from the construction of oil and gas wells, pipeline installations, processing facilities, to the development of drilling facilities.

Here are some sub-fields of work included in oil and gas construction:

1. Drilling and Exploration: Involves the construction and drilling of underground oil and gas wells.

2. Pipeline Installation: Includes the installation of pipelines and piping systems that connect oil and gas wells to processing or storage facilities.

3. Processing Facility Construction: Refers to the construction of oil and gas processing facilities, such as oil refineries or gas purification facilities.

4. Equipment and Machinery Installation: Involves the installation of equipment and machinery required for oil and gas production processes, such as compressors, generators, or processing equipment.

5. Offshore Infrastructure: Includes the construction of offshore facilities, such as offshore drilling platforms, floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units, and subsea pipeline networks.

6. Civil Engineering Works: Involves the construction of foundations, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure necessary for oil and gas operations.

7. Engineering and Design Projects: Represents the planning and design stage of oil and gas construction projects, including engineering design, modeling, and project planning.

8. Project Supervision and Management: Involves the overall supervision of the project, construction management, quality control, and monitoring compliance with regulations and safety standards.

What we mentioned above are some subfields in the oil and gas construction that we can handle due to our company’s expertise. However, it is not limited to these mentioned subfields, as we are open to handling other subfields as well.

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