Alizamrud Sentul Smart City

Alizamrud Sentul Smart City. Alizamrud Sentul Smart City, an ambitious project, is being developed by Alizamrud Corporation in Sentul, Bogor, West Java. With a land area of 130 hectares, the project aims to create a modern and sustainable smart city.

Alizamrud Corporation, has a clear vision to transform Sentul into an integrated urban area with smart technology. This project will serve as a model for smart city development in Indonesia.

Alizamrud Sentul Smart City emphasizes comprehensive and inclusive infrastructure. From advanced telecommunications networks to well-managed electricity and water resources, every aspect will be carefully considered.

Smart technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) will be widely implemented to establish strong connectivity and provide efficient public services. The application of smart management systems and the use of environmentally friendly energy will also be prioritized.

In addition, Alizamrud Sentul Smart City will offer a wide range of complete public facilities, from modern educational centers to healthcare facilities, business centers, shopping centers, parks, and green spaces.

The project also prioritizes sustainability and environmental protection. Green practices, efficient waste management, and the use of renewable energy will be integral parts of the development of this smart city.

Alizamrud Sentul Smart City will also serve as a home for a modern community and comprehensive commercial facilities. With comfortable residential spaces and a thriving business district, the project aims to meet the needs and provide benefits to residents and visitors.

Through Alizamrud Sentul Smart City, Alizamrud Corporation aims to create an innovation hub, where smart technology solutions can be developed, and business collaborations can flourish.

The development project of Alizamrud Sentul Smart City by Alizamrud Corporation promises significant progress in the Sentul area of Bogor. It is expected to deliver sustainable social, economic, and environmental benefits to the local community and inspire smart city development throughout Indonesia.

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