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Hawa Production. Hawa Production is a subsidiary of Alizamrud Corporation, established specifically to venture into the entertainment or amusement business. Alizamrud Corporation chose to engage in the entertainment business with the aim of providing wholesome and responsible entertainment choices amidst the proliferation of unhealthy competition from other entertainment entrepreneurs that may result in low-quality, irresponsible, and non-educational entertainment offerings to the public.

Entertainment business or industry focuses on providing entertainment and amusement to the public. It encompasses various forms of entertainment, including performing arts, film, music, amusement parks, interactive games, sports events, and more. The primary objective of the entertainment business is to offer enjoyable and entertaining experiences to the audience.

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Types of Entertainment Businesses

Performing Arts: Includes theater, opera, musical performances, drama, ballet, and other performing arts.

Film and Television: Encompasses film production, distribution, cinemas, television channels, and streaming platforms.

Music: Music industry involves music production, marketing, distribution of music recordings, concerts, music festivals, and streaming music platforms.

Amusement Parks: Involves playgrounds, amusement parks, and theme parks offering various attractions and rides.

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Interactive Games: Video gaming industry, online games, and e-sports.

Sports Events: Organizing and managing sports events, competitions, and tournaments.

Event Organizers: Provide services for arranging and hosting entertainment events, including concerts, festivals, and parties.

Chances for Alizamrud Corporation to Venture into the Entertainment Business:

Alizamrud Corporation has the opportunity to expand its business portfolio by investing or venturing into the entertainment industry. Some chances that Alizamrud Corporation may encounter in the entertainment business include:

Income Diversification: Entering the entertainment industry can be a step towards diversifying the company’s income, reducing reliance on a single type of business.

Market Growth: The entertainment industry has high growth potential, especially with the increasing interest of the public in entertainment and new experiences.

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Innovation and Creativity: The entertainment business demands innovation and creativity to create engaging content and experiences for the audience.

Branding and Sponsorship: By getting involved in the entertainment industry, Alizamrud Corporation can leverage branding and sponsorship to strengthen its brand image.

Technological Advancements: Utilizing technology in the production and distribution of entertainment content can provide a competitive edge.

Like any other industry, the media and entertainment sector also faces various challenges, such as fierce competition, changing consumer trends, and high investment risks. Recognizing these aspects, before deciding to enter this business, Alizamrud Corporation has conducted in-depth market research, identified segments that align with the company’s strategy, and developed a sustainable and profitable business model.

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