Kuningan Superblock in South Jakarta

Kuningan Superblock in South Jakarta. Kuningan Superblock in South Jakarta, the ambitious project developed by Alizamrud Corporation, is set to redefine luxury living in the prestigious Golden Triangle area of Jakarta, specifically in Kuningan, South Jakarta. Spanning over 1.5 hectares of land, this development consists of three iconic towers.

The Kuningan Superblock aims to become a prominent landmark in Jakarta’s central business district. With its modern architectural design and comprehensive facilities, the project will offer exclusive residential and commercial spaces, catering to individuals seeking a comfortable and prestigious urban lifestyle.

Each tower within The Kuningan Superblock will offer a variety of luxurious apartment units, boasting breathtaking views, as well as contemporary and functional office spaces. Supporting amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, fitness centers, and recreational areas, will be provided to enhance the comfort and satisfaction of residents.

Strategically located in Kuningan, South Jakarta, the Superblock enjoys a prime position amidst office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and excellent transportation links, ensuring convenient access and high connectivity for its residents.

With its solid experience and reputable standing in the property industry, Alizamrud Corporation is committed to delivering Kuningan Superblock as a new symbol of pride for Jakarta. The project is set to exemplify sophistication, luxury, and the forefront of urban lifestyle in the heart of Jakarta’s bustling cityscape.

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