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I. Introduction

A. Background
Alizamrud Corporation is a company engaged in the trading of mining products. Established in 2010, the company has experienced significant growth in the mining trading industry.
In the future, Alizamrud Corporation will not only handle projects in the mining sector but will also venture into other business areas such as real estate, construction, aviation, finance and banking, as well as livestock and plantations.


B. Vision and Mission of the Company

Vision of Alizamrud Corporation:
To become a leading company in diverse industries, including mining, real estate, construction, aviation, finance and banking, as well as livestock and plantations. We are committed to providing innovative solutions and making positive contributions to the entire Indonesian society.


Mission of Alizamrud Corporation:
• Mining: Providing high-quality mineral resources while adhering to strict safety and environmental standards.
• Real Estate: Building and developing innovative and high-quality properties, creating comfortable and sustainable environments.
• Construction: Offering high-quality construction services to build resilient and quality infrastructure.
• Aviation: Providing safe, reliable, and efficient aviation services to customers while contributing to the growth of the aviation industry.
• Finance and Banking: Delivering innovative financial and banking services to assist customers and business partners in achieving financial success.
• Livestock and Plantations: Producing high-quality livestock and plantation products while prioritizing the well-being of all Indonesian people and environmental sustainability.

We aim to continuously improve the quality of our services, foster strong relationships with customers and business partners, and remain committed to ethical and responsible business practices.


C. Company Values
Alizamrud Corporation upholds business ethics, integrity, innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility as its core values. The company is committed to operating responsibly and contributing to the sustainable development of all industries it operates in.


II. Company Profile

A. Company History

Since its inception, Alizamrud Corporation has grown into one of the leading mining trading companies. The company has expanded its network and product portfolio to meet the needs of customers worldwide.


B. Organizational Structure
Alizamrud Corporation has an efficient and well-coordinated organizational structure. Key departments include marketing, procurement, logistics, finance, and customer service.


C. Management Team
The management team of Alizamrud Corporation consists of experienced and competent individuals in each industry they engage with. They possess deep knowledge of the global market and strong leadership skills to lead the company towards a brilliant future success.


D. Company Advantages
Alizamrud Corporation has a competitive advantage in all of its business fields. These advantages include a reliable supplier network, high-quality products, responsive customer service, and in-depth knowledge in each industry.

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